About West Islip Creative Arts Co.

West Islip Creative Arts Company is a not-for-profit community based program offering dance, drama,
and performing arts experiences to the youth in our community.  Our program employs professional
teachers in an after-school program setting that operates at locations within the West Islip Public
Schools.  (Most classes are regularly held at Bayview Elementary School in the gym and cafeteria.)  
Our unique distinction as a non-profit, in-district organization, allows us to offer excellence in
programming while keeping costs to member families very low, thanks to the cooperation and generosity
made possible by the generosity of time contributed by dedicated parent volunteers who manage the
program, and the many parents who contribute their time as class parents and assist in supervision
throughout the year.  (ALL PARENT VOLUNTEERS pay for their children's enrollment, and NONE
are compensated for their time.)

Our program offers exposure to a wide range of dance genres, drama classes, and since 2015 an annual
Jr. Musical production.  Our staff has been teaching dance and drama classes at Bayview, continuously
since 2004 (previously with West Islip Community Cultural Arts.)  Aside from the continuance of the
teaching staff, there is no affiliation between the two programs.  West Islip Creative Arts Company is a
new venture, incorporated in 2014, with no transfer of funds or assets by the original group.  All start up
funds were lent by members of the board of directors.  

We provide enormous opportunity for Community Service Hours to approximately 30-40 students each
year, and continue to remain active in our support of several projects within our West Islip Community.  

We strive to provide an enrichment program to local youth that continually emphasizes the importance of
good character, citizenship and community service.

Questions?  please email  info@westislipcreativearts.org
West Islip Creative Arts Company, Inc.
A parent driven,
501-c3 Not-for-Profit
community program.
Providing Recreational Dance and Performing Arts
Opportunity to the Youth in our Community