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Class Parents
Page last updated on
August 10, 2019

Each parent can only participate as a class parent for ONE CLASS.  But a class can have one or two Class Parents. If there are two,
then parents will alternate weeks staying in the class. (2 parents can not stay at the same time.

Class parent responsibilities include:
  • attending a Class Parent meeting in September (date TBA)
  • supervising students to and from restrooms
  • assisting with dismissal from class each week
  • keeping parents in your class informed of program related news and events
  • keeping emergency contact information on hand and available for each student during lessons.
  • organizing and collecting Holiday and year end gifts for teachers (if desired)
  • taking photos throughout the year of classes for our Recital Slide Show
  • attending a Recital Volunteer Meeting in April/May (Date TBA)
  • supervising and occupying students for the recitals.  It is for this reason we prefer TWO parents from each class to take turns throughout the year.
    Each parent would assist for the year.

Class parents are asked to refrain from bringing siblings to class as it is a distraction to the students and staff. In addition our Insurance Requirements
prohibit anyone other than registered participants and staff to be in the building during class times.

Class parents will be given a free ticket to the recital (2 tickets if there is only one class parent) and they will be given early access to purchase recital

Please complete the form below to let us know which class you are interested in and we will get back to you. If more than two parents are
interested in a class we will select by lottery.

Insurance requires all parent volunteers to participate in mandatory criminal clearance..  

We appreciate your support and participation.
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