Student Teachers are an important an valuable part of our Community program. Student Teachers assist instruction and the class teacher at weekly classes.
They also assist their class at the Dress Rehearsal and Recital performances as well. Student Teachers are great role-models for our younger students.

Interested Dancers in Grades 7 & up enrolled in a
MINIMUM of 2 classes at least one being TAP or BALLET may apply for Student Teacher positions.  

It is our policy that Student Teachers will NOT be assigned to teach younger siblings or relatives classes, however requests to teach other groups in the same
time slots will be considered,
WHEN POSSIBLE. Student Teachers need to maintain regular attendance in their own classes.

Once registration is complete, and we have a better scope of class sizes and age groups, Miss Janine and Miss Kathryn will match eligible student teachers
with classes where they are needed.  We will contact you by phone or email in early September.

COMPENSATION:  If a student is enrolled in three (3) or more classes then compensation will be one free class and its corresponding costume  
and community service hours. If a student is enrolled in only two (2) classes, then compensation will be community service hours only.

All Student Teachers receive a T-shirt to wear during their student teaching class as well as an end of year plaque to commemorate their service.

PLEASE NOTE: We receive FAR more applications than we have positions available.  Placements and assignments are made based on MANY variables
(dance experience, number of classes taken, past attendance and cooperation).  
Students that have previously been invited to serve as student teachers
are NOT automatically guaranteed future assignments.  

Application forms should be scanned in and emailed to, (mobile phone photos sent via email will be accepted) or printed
and mailed to us at:
                       WI Creative Arts,
                       PO Box 338, West Islip, NY 11795

Questions?  Email us at
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August, 20
*** Regarding school sports *** We understand many applicants sign up for both in school, and intramural sports. Most classes that require teachers meet at 4:30 and 5:30.  
Please be realistic in projecting your availability. No more than 3 Absences are allowed, and it is your responsibility to find a sub for your classes when you can't be there.
Please be honest in disclosing if another activity will interfere with your ability to teach on a regular basis.
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Student Teachers